To support the rapid increase in remote working, we are offering 3 months free with unlimited users and no fixed-term commitment

We help you deliver your content in context.

Harness the wisdom of your experts and share tailored knowledge across your entire organisation. 

Enhance your employee, customer and partner experiences.

Monitor content usage and app engagement to drive continuous improvement. Save 100’s of hours a year by only updating content that is actually being used.

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Embed content to help users at their point of need

Create a more personalised learning experience, with an ‘always on’ learning culture. Place content near fields or deploy it at application level with our 100% native Salesforce App – Improved Help. Make it role, language, process or data specific to get the best results. Optionally deploy video based training in easy to consume, bite-sized videos, to help with the task in hand.

Link to content from anywhere within your Salesforce pages

Surface any of your critical content, from any location within your Salesforce pages. Improved Help allows you to add usage notes to explain why the content is relevant to the user’s situation. Enable your users to quickly access the critical content they need, without them wasting time thinking, searching or taking up colleagues’ precious time.

Full analytics to support data-driven improvements

Prove your Salesforce return on investment. Track user interactions with Salesforce pages and help content. Understand your true adoption and content usage through packaged reports and dashboards that you can schedule or run anytime. Our analytics help you understand what is working and what can be improved.

Targeted, critical in-app alerts

Need to communicate change or ensure users are compliant? Need to target users and confirm they have actually read and understood your critical communications? Our dedicated, native Salesforce solution, Improved Noticeboard, allows you to place visual, personal, action-orientated banners directly in front of your users. Nothing is missed, and there’s a full audit trail. Remove excuses and manage exceptions with ease.

Get started in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Install from the AppExchange

Choose from our apps Improved NoticeBoard or Improved Help.

Step 2

Configure for any experience

Drag and drop chosen packaged components onto your pages, then run the quick start wizard.

Step 3

Create Help

Start authoring content and deploy to your users, all within your Salesforce application.

Step 4

Watch your users' engagement increase

Monitor the packaged dashboards to see user engagement and sentiment real-time. No more end-user surveys.


We support Classic, Visual Force, Lightning, Mobile, Communities, Console Apps, Portals & even non-Salesforce web apps. Browser extensions are not needed because we are the only 100% native Salesforce solution. This means no restriction on browsers or devices, delivering a quality experience for all users - internal, customers or partners.

“For my org, we use Noticeboard to alert Customer Support users of high priority cases, service alerts, and any other critical information they might need to know in a timely matter. These users are in Salesforce almost their whole workday and might not see their email working on cases. Having the ability to have notices on the pages they work on has been very helpful in our org.


Easy to use, works well with Lightning, and a very engaged team is what you will get when you purchase Noticeboard. My rep has been very helpful in setting up the system and helping us with new ideas and uses.”

Austin Cantrell

“Notice Board Allows us to Communicate to our Users Quickly During the CoronaVirus Outbreak. Once all our users starting working from home, we needed to set up some means of communication to our Salesforce users that was quick to set up and easy to use. Notice Board was both. Thank you so much for this great app!”

Deidre Smith

“We implemented Improved Noticeboard as our internal Salesforce communication tool in December 2018. So even though it is relatively new to us, we can see great advantages in it's usage. We have called it the Manager's Corner and placed it on our user's homepages. Now managers and the CRM Team in particular, have a better and more pinpointed way of addressing managerial communication, training information, release notes, sales promotions etc. etc.


It only took a small effort to get it up and running and now our work will slowly evolve into training of publishers and adoption of the tool. I have no doubt that we will succeed. Also due to the very service minded attitude of our contacts Sarah and Tom.”

Morten Vejsig

“A great solution with outstanding customer service.


After reviewing several options that could help us with numerous business requirements regarding help, communications and walkthroughs, we opted for Improved Apps as their product was able to cover all of our challenges. In a first phase, we are using Improved Apps to build connectivity between L&D and Sales Cloud to provide easy access to relevant learning content and tools to refresh concepts when needed in a sales cycle, and help apply learnings while on the job. This helps us increase the ROI of our investments in L&D and also drive adoption. We will gradually incorporate additional functionalities like Targeted communications to help us reach our users in a more efficient way. Not only is their product great, but also their customer support. They are always quick and happy to help. It’s simply outstanding.”

Juan Izquierdo

“Enabling Learning in the Flow of Work.


There are many benefits of Improved Help around performance support and digital adoption for remote workers. Your products have helped a global deployment successfully go live remotely (in Poland) this week with new systems, processes and ways of working, meeting the challenges of the pandemic while still doing business.”

Paul Duggins

“Great app and great support.


We are using this app to provide customer support to two communities and support our transition to lightning. It is helping us communicate with all users (internal and external) with minimal effort. The customer support is outstanding. This is a game changing app for us and the customer support is outstanding.”

Guest User

“I'm really impressed by the extra functionality that Improved Apps brings to Salesforce and deeply appreciate the strong support offered by the company, particularly our support associate Tom Burgess. We're rolling out IA at the same time as we're onboarding an influx of new users to Salesforce and it's a great tool for supplementing that process.”

Gareth Machin

“I have worked with the Improved Apps team on a number of projects and have always found them to be helpful, knowledgeable and generous in their time.”

Mike Hemphill | Certified Salesforce Developer / Zurich NA

“I contacted Improved Apps for assistance setting it up and using the app and they were very responsive and happy to help. I have been on multiple calls with a member of their team and they are always very kind, professional, quick to respond and most of all, helpful. They helped us build improved apps to the point our whole team loves using it. Some of the best customer service I have ever received.”

Taylor McCracken

“Improved NoticeBoard is a very simple to use but very useful tool. It is very nice to use it for communication in the whole company or just individually teams. Also the contact and support by their team is very good.”

Marco Wittig

“We are using this technology in order to embed learning in the daily workflow of our distribution/sales employees. They will receive learning at the speed of business -without needing to leave

I am incredibly impressed with the world class service we are receiving from Improved Apps. Callum works directly with our Instructional Designers and Learning Technologists in our time zone, Elliot provides value whenever it is needed and Simon is always in touch and responds to requests/questions immediately.”

Sharon Kaliouby

“NoticeBoard was a great upgrade for us in our ability to manage communications to our support agents, by team if necessary, and report on it. It was particularly helpful for communications that required tracking on compliance like PCI/security awareness, HR updates, etc. The tool was straightforward to get setup and using, and we also built some automation internally, but whenever we did run into questions or needed recommendations on best practices, the ImprovedApps team was a breeze to work with.”

Adam Ferenzi